Psychic Eye Mojo Bag

Psychic Eye Mojo Bag


Do you want to enhance your psychic gifts? Deepen your ability to receive answers through your dreams and dream prophetically? Strengthen your intuition? Receive clearer messages when you read cards or perform other divination?

This handmade blue mojo bag can be carried in a pocket or tucked under a pillow at night to help increase psychic ability. Your mojo bag will be made to order by me, using traditional hoodoo methods. The handmade flannel bag will be filled with several herbs and roots known in hoodoo for their power of enhancing psychic gifts, including flax seeds, master root and mugwort. The bag will be decorated with hand-stitched embroidery similar to what you see in the first picture, as well as your initials on the back.

Before I can create your mojo bag, you'll be required to mail to me a small sample of your hair via the postal service so I can customize your bag and link it to you. Each mojo bag will come with a sheet of complete instructions for use and care of your mojo bag. Pierce the veil and learn what is hidden!

Note: Refunds are not given once the mojo bag is made.

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