Holy Protection Mojo Bag

Holy Protection Mojo Bag


Are you under spiritual attack, work in a dangerous field, have enemies conspiring against you, live in an unsafe neighborhood, or just want to keep a wall of protection up around you? Surround yourself with a protective spiritual shield with this powerful Holy Protection Mojo Bag.

Filled with seven potent protective curios including a whole angelica root, a cat's eye shell, rue and more, this mojo bag is an ally you want on your side. And with the inclusion of a St. Michael medal on the front of the bag, you'll have that fiery archangel power protecting you at all times.

This mojo bag is traditionally prepared, with each component prayed to so their power fills the bag. The bag is then dressed with Lucky Mojo Fiery Wall of Protection oil and Run, Devil, Run! oil, and smoked in Fiery Wall of Protection and St. Michael incense.

You will be required to send me a personal concern from you (hair is preferable) via the postal service so I can include it in the bag.

You will receive a sheet of instructions with the mojo bag so you can properly take care of it and keep its power strong.

Note: Refunds are not given for mojo bags once they are made.

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