Creature Comforts Pet Mojo Bag

Creature Comforts Pet Mojo Bag


Help keep your furry friend protected, blessed and in good health with the specially designed Creature Comforts pet mojo bag.

Selected for their protective, soothing, health enhancing, calming and blessing powers, all of the seven ingredients included in this mojo bag are nontoxic to pets according to ASPCA website. Some of the components include a cat's eye shell (from the turbo snail) for protection from the evil eye, flax seeds for blessing, goldenseal root for health and more.

Sew this mojo bag into your pet's bed, tuck it near their favorite window or secure it inside their carrier during long car rides. It is likely too big to attach to a collar, however, but since this is a traditionally prepared mojo bag that is filled with spirit, you wouldn't want this magical piece out where anyone could see it anyway.

You will need to send me a lock of fur from your pet via the postal service, so I can link the mojo bag to your furry friend. Also send me a small piece of your hair, so I can include both concerns in the bag to re-enforce the bond of friendship between you and your pet. Please also send me your pet's full name, and let me know if there is a short nickname (up to five letters) that you would like me to embroider on the back of the bag.

The mojo bag will be prayerfully prepared, smoked in Lucky Mojo St. Francis (the patron saint of animals) incense and Blessing incense, then dressed with St. Francis, Blessing and Fiery Wall of Protection oils.

You will receive a sheet of instructions with the mojo bag so you can properly take care of it and keep its power strong.

Note: Refunds are not given once the mojo bag is made.

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