Vigil Candle Dressed For Your Purpose

Vigil Candle Dressed For Your Purpose


Lighting glass-encased vigil candles and allowing them to burn down completely, also called “setting lights,” is a practice in hoodoo with a lot of history. It’s a slow and steady way to tackle a problem or bring about change; picture a hen sitting patiently on her eggs.

I am proud to now offer this service to all my clients, for the affordable price of $10 per light.

Your candle will be customized according to your need and purpose with the appropriate herbs and oils, prayed over, lit and allowed to burn down over a series of days until it goes out completely. During this time I will watch over the candle and “shepherd” the flame as best I can.

After the burn is complete, you will receive pictures of your now-empty candle along with a report on how it burned, determined through divination and a reading of the various signs left by the burning candle (cracked or clean glass, wax left behind or no wax left behind, etc.)

I have a very large collection of oils, and can make a candle for just about anything! Here are some ideas:

General Attraction
Money Drawing
Hot Footing
Good Luck
Job Getting
Court Case
Gambling Luck
Boss Fix
Pay Me Now
Female Power
Male Power
Petition to Saints
Money Stay With Me

After you purchase your candle, email me at to arrange customization of your candle. Many blessings to you!

Legal disclaimer: All card readings and spellwork are done for entertainment purposes only and are not meant to replace the advice or services of a doctor, lawyer, law man, clergy member, psychiatrist, etc. If you are in an emergency situation where your well-being is in immediate danger, dial 911. Do not pass GO, do not collect $200.

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