Mojo Bag Refresh

Mojo Bag Refresh


Did your dog chew up your mojo bag? Did your mojo bag go through the wash? Did someone other than you touch your mojo bag, thus killing its power? After you ship your mojo bag via the postal service, I will respectfully take it apart, ritually wash the roots and other hard items, then remake the mojo bag, replacing herbs, petition papers and even the bag as needed. I will reassemble the mojo bag exactly as I did when I first made it, praying over and speaking to each component, dressing it with the appropriate condition oil(s), and smoking it in the appropriate incense. Then I will ship it back to you, ready to work hard for you again!

Important notes: This service is provided ONLY to clients who have purchased mojo bags from me.

If your mojo bag contained personal concerns (hair, photo, nail clippings, etc. from you or someone else), please provide replacement personal concerns when you ship your mojo bag to me.

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