Happy Birthday Rainbow of Gifts Candle Spell!

Happy Birthday Rainbow of Gifts Candle Spell!


The ultimate magical birthday gift for yourself or someone special! Inspired by a birthday cake lit up by many candles, the Happy Birthday Rainbow of Gifts Candle Spell is made up of a white crucifix candle dressed with a magical oil corresponding to your astrological sign surrounded by red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple 4-inch candles.

To create the "rainbow of gifts," each of these colored candles is dressed with a corresponding hoodoo condition oil: red is dressed with a love oil, orange is dressed with a road opening oil, yellow is dressed with a luck-drawing oil, green is dressed with a money oil, blue is dressed with a healing oil and purple is dressed with a success oil. Begin the coming year with a huge positive boost of magical energy and bring these gifts to you!

All the candles are burned inside a vintage Pyrex zodiac-pattern bowl, a beautiful collector's piece that makes this spell that much more powerful and special. You will receive a picture of your individual spell via email that will show the bowl turned with your zodiac sign showing in the front.

Happy birthday!

Note: No refunds are given for candle spells after the work is done.

Legal disclaimer: All card readings and spellwork are done for entertainment purposes only and are not meant to replace the advice or services of a doctor, lawyer, law man, clergy member, psychiatrist, etc.

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