Get That Healing! Candle Spell

Get That Healing! Candle Spell


Get the spiritual boost you need to help heal yourself in body and mind!

The focal point of this healing spell is the figural candle (chosen according to your gender) at the center of the circle. This candle is personalized for you and your petition and dressed with Healing and Blessing oils. The “helper” candles surrounding the figural candle are inscribed with the physical and emotional ailments you wish to receive heavenly healing for. All are burned together as I recite a full rosary for your healing and well-being.

Please note that this lovely spell is not meant to substitute the knowledge and expertise of a doctor or psychiatrist, but is a supplement to a treatment plan.

May you find healing!

Note: No refunds are given for candle spells after the work is done.

Legal disclaimer: All card readings and spellwork are done for entertainment purposes only and are not meant to replace the advice or services of a doctor, lawyer, law man, clergy member, psychiatrist, etc.

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