Blazing Wall of Protection Candle Spell

Blazing Wall of Protection Candle Spell


Are you under spiritual attack, work in a dangerous field, have enemies conspiring against you, live in an unsafe neighborhood, or just want to keep a wall of protection up around you? Surround yourself with a protective spiritual shield with this powerful Blazing Wall of Protection Candle Spell.

The Blazing Wall of Protection Candle Spell calls upon the power of St. Michael and the spirit of angelica root, and features a white crucifix candle surrounded by seven white guardian "helper" candles. All the candles are dressed with Lucky Mojo Fiery Wall of Protection oil and Run, Devil, Run! oil and burned as I call upon the most powerful guardians in heaven to protect you.

This spell can be done for one person or for a family.

You are welcome to schedule a brief (free) phone consultation with me if there are special circumstances surrounded this situation that you need to communicate to me.

After the spell is complete, I will put some of the remnants and ingredients from the spell (including the whole angelica root) into a handmade protection packet that I will ship to you. Place this packet above your front door, in your car or somewhere in your home. May the Almighty God and St. Michael protect you!

Note: Refunds are not given for candle spells once the spell work is done.

Legal disclaimer: All card readings and spellwork are done for entertainment purposes only and are not meant to replace the advice or services of a doctor, lawyer, law man, clergy member, psychiatrist, etc.

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