Get in Their Head! Skull Candle Spell

Get in Their Head! Skull Candle Spell


Got someone you need to persuade to see things your way? Influence their very thoughts with the Get in Their Head! Skull Candle Spell.

The star of this spell is a large white skull candle placed in the center, and elaborate fixed and dressed by loading it with personal concerns, herbs and petition papers. The candle is dressed with Lucky Mojo Influence oil as well as other oils depending on the results you want. This skull candle is burned at night every night for a week, to influence the target as they sleep. The skull candle is surrounded by "helper" candles dressed with Commanding and Compelling oils to surround the skull inside a wall of influencing power.

A personal concern from the target is required from this spell, whether that concern is a lock of hair or a photo. You are asked to mail this to me via postal service if it's a physical concern, or through email if it's a digital photo.

You are welcome to schedule a brief (free) consultation with me if there are special circumstances regarding your situation that you need to communicate to me.

Use the power of influence and persuasion and get your target to think what you need them to think!

Note: Refunds are not given for candle spells after the spellwork is done.

Legal disclaimer: All card readings and spellwork are done for entertainment purposes only and are not meant to replace the advice or services of a doctor, lawyer, law man, clergy member, psychiatrist, etc.

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