Sister Jean

Welcome to, the official online home of my conjure practice! To book a reading or hoodoo spellcasting, visit the Services page. To purchase a handmade mojo bag, visit the Shop page. To read more about me and my ethics as a rootworker, read my biography at the About page. To view pictures of my past work, visit the Gallery. Send all questions to May you be blessed!

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Spellcasting and Reading Services

Drawing from a deep well of experience working the roots, I have performed hoodoo spellwork for protection, uncrossing, turning bad luck to good, healing, attracting money, blessing, job getting and many other conditions. When you order a spell from me, you will receive photos of the spellwork from beginning to end, so you can see the magic unfold. No rootworker will work harder for you!


Custom Mojo Bags

My mojo bags are handmade with the utmost attention to detail and are powerful magical allies. I create mojo bags, aka mojo hands, for money, luck, love, protection, career, psychicism and more, and each are customized to be magically linked to you, the owner. Don't leave home without one!

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Read About Me

I am a professional rootworker, playing-card reader and spiritual worker based in Salt Lake City, Utah, and I have been practicing hoodoo for more than 10 years. Read about how I came to be a rootworker as well as the ethics I follow in my conjure practice. 


Where to Find Me

I am never out of reach, whether you require emergency spellcasting or just a listening ear. Read about the many ways you can contact me.

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Read My Blog

There is never a dull moment in the life of a rootworker! Read in-depth stories about my magical adventures and get a behind-the-scenes look at my practice.