No One-Handed Boxing (Or, How to Jinx Someone and Not Get Your Lights Punched Out)

Some of my favorite ways to exercise are boxing and kickboxing. At these classes, we're knocking the wind out of punching bags, not people, but we're defending and protecting ourselves as if those bags could punch us right back.

Source: Flickr Commons

Source: Flickr Commons

The other day, as I was taking a post-boxing shower, I had an epiphany (I have a lot of epiphanies in the shower) about the art of boxing and how it relates to hoodoo, especially cursing, crossing and jinxing.

One of the first things you're taught in boxing is that your gloves stay UP. You don't jab with your left hand and let your right arm hang down and take a break. As you punch with one hand, that other hand is "glued to your face," as they say, protecting your mug from any punches your enemy might throw while you're busy attacking. 

Another very early thing you're taught is how to stand correctly. In boxing, your stance is everything. You want to stay light on your feet as you "float like a butterfly," like Muhammad Ali said, but when you're ready to get in there and hit that bag right in the face, you plant your feet and POW. You don't try to nail a good attack while you're dancing around the bag; you plant your feet shoulder-width apart in a solid, unbreakable stance and pull the energy up from your feet and through your body to power up that punch.

If you're wanting to safely and effectively curse someone, think like a boxer.

First, find your stance. Be unshakeable in your commitment to the work, your relationship with Spirit, your belief in yourself and your skill, and your faith that the spellwork will be effective. Your spiritual stance will help power up the magical attack as if you were throwing punches in the ring. And stay light on your "feet" once the attack begins, in case you need to make any sudden changes to your work or add things later.

Second, keep BOTH of your gloves UP. Don't jump into that situation and start lighting black candles, throwing goofer dust and putting doll babies into coffins without having strong protection up on yourself beforehand. Wear something like a rue or St. Michael charm, do some Fiery Wall of Protection work on yourself and your home before the cursework begins, put salt along your windowsills as well as doorways that lead outside, tie nine pieces of devil's shoestring around your ankle, etc.

In other words, don't let your right hand be idle while your left is busy punching that enemy in the jaw. DEFEND yourself in this battle, because as soon as most people are attacked, what do they do? They fight back. As soon as that enemy realizes something is amiss, they can easily hire a rootworker and curse you right back, and you want to be ready when that punch comes.

And finally, if you'll forgive me for maybe taking this metaphor too far, make sure to take a shower, or spiritually bathe, after a match. Jinxing is messy work, and you don't want to carry that spiritual grime around on you, or spread it to other people. Cleanse yourself, using spiritual bath crystals, a simple three-ingredient bath or an herb tea that you dilute with warm water. Wash that battle off of your spiritual self.

Good luck in the ring.



Kolbie Stonehocker