Are you feeling like the world has got you under its heel? Are you struggling to find a job or bring money into your life? Are you dealing with a run of bad luck? Do you feel crossed up, down and out, or at the end of your rope? Do you feel like you've lost your personal power?

My name is Sister Jean of Deseret Conjure, based in sunny Salt Lake City, and I'm a rootworker in the African-American folk magic tradition of hoodoo (aka rootwork and conjure). Through the power of prayer, God, scripture, the intercession of saints, and hoodoo's powerful materia magica, I can help you turn the tables and bring prosperity, happiness and good luck back into your life.

I was born in Spokane, Wash., and grew up on a small farm before I moved with my family to Utah. I was raised and baptized in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, aka the Mormon Church ("sister" was my title in the church). As a member of that religion, I learned about the Bible, prayer and the existence of an unseen spirit world. I left the church as a teenager and embarked on a spiritual path of discovery that eventually led me to hoodoo, which I've been practicing for almost 10 years.

I have strong convictions that I stand by in my hoodoo practice. I believe in equal rights for people of all races, sexual orientations, genders, religions/spiritualities and nationalities. I am a "justified" worker, which means I'll only perform "hot" or "heavy" work if guided by spirit and divination to do so. If I don't feel that a working is justified, I'll refer you to another worker who may take your case. 

I am not a worker who messes around or pulls the wool over clients' eyes. I work with integrity, honesty and commitment, knowing the eyes of God and my ancestors are upon me. If I feel like a different worker would be better suited to your case, I'll tell you so. And, perhaps most importantly, if I feel that a mundane measure (speaking to a doctor, calling the police, etc.) would better serve you, I will tell you so, and won't take your money. In regards to the efficacy of my work, I don't make outrageous promises I can't keep, because everything is up to God in the end. 

But I will make this promise: If I agree to do a job for you, you can rest assured that I will give it my all. Rootwork is just that, WORK, and you deserve to have a spiritual worker on your side who can not only provide a listening ear but also be a staunch ally. 

For more information about my spellwork services, please visit my Services page. To purchase a custom-made mojo bag, visit the Shop. To view photos of my past work, visit the Gallery.

Deseret Conjure is named for the provisional Mormon-declared state of Deseret, which, when it was proposed in 1849, encompassed most of Utah and Nevada, as well as parts of California, Wyoming, Colorado, Arizona, Oregon, New Mexico and Idaho. This vast "state" was never recognized by the United States government, but it's a unique part of the history of Utah. The word "deseret" is also said to mean "honeybee," as defined in the Book of Mormon. The crossed railroad spikes in the Deseret Conjure logo is a reference to the joining of the Union and Central Pacific railroads at Promontory Summit, Utah Territory, in 1869, which completed the Transcontinental Railroad.

I'm a graduate of Catherine Yronwode's Hoodoo Correspondence Course, student ID #1590G, through Lucky Mojo Curio Company based in Forestville, California.